Speaker Spotlight

Dave Muth

Peoples Company Capital Markets - Managing Director, Asset Management

Dave Muth leads the Capital Markets team as the Managing Director of Asset Management by overseeing asset management strategy and execution, integrating technology into workflow processes, and publicly representing the company through industry presentations. He utilizes his extensive experience with farmland investing and operations across the United States to acquire and manage investment grade assets on behalf of clients and capital partners. Dave is responsible for ensuring assets are managed according to investment structures as well as optimizing farm revenue potential and mitigating risks when possible.

David is trained as a mechanical engineer, earning his PhD from Iowa State University. He spent the first several years of his career building technologies in advanced biofuels in partnership with the US Department of Energy. In 2013, he co-founded AgSolver, Inc in Ames, IA, an agricultural data service start-up. David created and deployed a precision agriculture concept called Precision Business Planning that integrated vast data resources to deliver economically focused management strategies at the sub acre scale. Precision Business Planning strategies create a platform for simultaneously improving operating income, investor returns, and environmental performance outcomes.

David led the acquisition of AgSolver, Inc. in 2017 by EFC Systems, Inc. an ag retail focused software and technology company. He continues to support the integration of AgSolver technology into EFC as the VP of Agronomic Planning and Sustainability. David maintains a daily presence in production agriculture through his farming operation that works with his family farming business where he grew up in North Central Iowa. His experience as an entrepreneur in agriculture technology data services, coupled with his active management of the Muth family farm operation, enables him to provide unique perspectives that deliver investment arbitrage opportunities.